Personal Lifestyle Manager

Busy people have busy lives. Juggling work, family, and the never-ending ToDo List can be overwhelming. Me Times Two provides an all-inclusive, 24-hour solution of lite housekeeping, childcare, personal assistance, organization, companion care and much more. We pride ourselves on giving you the one thing you can never have enough of…TIME. Me Times Two will help manage your lifestyle by doing those things you don't have time to do, don't know how to do, or just don't want to do! In addition, you will receive the same trusted individual to help with all you errands, daily duties, and assist with life's little emergencies. 

Why Us?
  • We focus on home

  • All-inclusive services are offered with flexibility and a dedicated focus

  • Access to the Lifestyle Manager calendar to book times that work for you

  • Receive the same dedicated individual who can meet all your lifestyle needs

  • Vetted with FBI background check, drug testing, and certifications verification

  • Exclusive access to members-only events and services

  • Ability to purchase and use block hours 24 hours a day



Me Times Two believes in value-oriented processes to help provide guidance in everyday life. In order for employees to succeed in their professional lives, we offer catered assistance to achieve an optimized work-life balance both at work and at home. Delegating errands, scheduling home maintenance, and outsourcing your ToDo list to a trusted professional not only frees up your personal time but also increases your focus and energy at work. Our staff of experienced Lifestyle Managers will help optimize your lifestyle, so you can enjoy those things you truly enjoy doing…spending time with friends and family!

What it looks like working with us....

  • Reduced stress

  • Increased focus

  • Enhanced moral

  • Higher motivation

  • Increased productivity

  • Save time and energy

  • Better work-life balance 

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Give your employees the gift of time! Increase your workplace satisfaction by Investing in work/life initiatives that benefit employees and enhance your corporate profile with real-time measurable results. Our renowned employee programs helps create a positive organizational culture that employees find invaluable. Me Times Two corporate inclusion has proven results to reduce anxiety, increase productivity, drive efficiency, and save you time and money to increase your bottom line. Give your employees some incentive; they’ll surely appreciate the extra time! 

What it looks like Working with us....

  • Top candidate retention

  • Low turnover

  • Reduced cost per employee

  • Increased employee engagement

  • Positive culture, save money

  • Increase company loyalty

  • Increase bottom line

  • Overall employee wellness

  • Top recruitment

What our clients say....

“We are very pleased to offer personal concierge services to our employees. We are always looking at ways to enhance our employee experience, and this gives us a chance to help our employees find more time away from work to pursue their interests.”


Will Wagnon, CEO of MountainView Hospital, adds,

“The feedback we’ve received has been tremendous. Just taking that stress off of parents about finding childcare really works wonders. We want Mercedes-Benz to be at the intersection of career, company, and lifestyle, and this is one way we help make that a reality.”

- Lars Minns, Head of HR, On employee use of  Me Times Two

Jennifer Cook, a registered nurse at University Hospital in Cincinnati, says that her employer-provided concierge service lets her be in two places at once. “When I moved, they went [to my home] and waited for the phone and cable company to come so that it made it possible for me to be at work that day,” she says.

- Jennifer Cook